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If this team were in the World Cup it would be ......Uruguay. Great on offense and arguably the best overall going forwards but their defense is a pile of pants, and on their bad days they are really bad. No sign of their star player biting people though I'm sure Peyton felt like it on a cold Sunday in New York in early February.

* RECORD - Their first play-off season with a 9-5 finish, posting 2nd spot in the play-off seeding. Lost their semi-final to the Teds on the back of the Bronco offense's one real down day in the season, and then lost in the WGAS Bowl which hardly anyone noticed. Not even Blair Walsh could save this one.

* SEASON IN A NUTSHELL - Unlike the other play-off qualifiers started slowly at 0-2, then bounced back to win 4 of the next 5 to stand at 4-3 at the half-way marker. Promptly slumped to 4-5 - so up and down like a whores knickers on a sailors payday - before running the table in the last 5 games, including two right royal arse kickings to yours truly by a combined 103 point margin of victory for which I'd like to place on record my personal thanks the San Diego and Kansas City defences for - cheers lads! Not. On a streak hotter than Rolf Harris's brow, Adam rolled in to the play-offs only to see the Bronco offense have their hiccup at the worst time in week 15, against that aforementioned San Diego Defense second time around - thanks again lads, too pissin late! That Bronco off day took down 4 of Adam's starters and despite Antonio Brown's best efforts, his season with it. What a shitter.

* NOTABLE DRAFTEES - Like Argentina's performance against Iran, the high draft picks were largely a bag of shit but then were saved by a late pearler that the owner will remember for some years to come. Montee Ball in round 1 was a Millenium Dome seletion - looked good from a distance but it turned out there was fu*k all to see here; Roddy White in round 2 was bolloxed by both an ankle injury to himself, and a foot injury to his more talented partner in crime on the opposite side, rendering him as much use as an anvil on a motorbike. Round 3 brought a middling selection of Marques Colston who contributed but his owner will have expected more, whilst round 5 was a doozy in Matt Barkley - drafted 14 rounds or 2 years too early. Ive had undrafted free agents thatve done more for me than this noodle armed triggerman. This early edition of "How Not to Draft Volume 1" was saved by the round 6 selection Danny Woodhead, a real sleeper who became an integral part of the Chargers offense and had the happy knack of scoring the double point receiving TD - fantasy gold.

* 5 KEEPERS - Some quality here, King Peyton of Manning - far and away the fantasy MVP of ours and any league; Marshawn Lynch; Montee Ball - this time around he is the man so just like with Manning the elder (Peyton not Archie), Adam's patience should pay off; Demaryius Thomas - can you say double points - and Antonio Brown who was acquired from the Clap in a deal I wish I could have back.

* WHERE IT WENT RIGHT - Offense, offense and more offense. Averaged over 102 points a game to lead the league, outscoring the next best by 6 pts a week, piloted by Peyton Mannings absurd, other-worldly, 433 points. I don't think that total will be topped for a good while. Adams RB and TE points were also 2nd overall, and as only 1 other team had more points put on him than he did, he more than earned his play-off berth. All was going to plan until that fateful Thursday night week 15 Bronco game.

* HOW IT WENT WRONG - Invesco Field, week 15, nuff said. Big scorers went small and it hurt. Hard to take as the GM followed the old fashioned fantasy play-off edict of "dancing with the girl that brought you" by rolling out his regulars. His defense points were a league worst, whilst for the faith and high pick utilised for Blair Walsh, his points total return of only 5th overall wasn't worth it.

* DRAFT PICKS AND WHATS AHEAD - 19 selections overall, and though there's a hole in rounds 3 and 4, the ammunition is there, Mind you it would help if the selections in the first 3 rounds were better than the trashpile of last years draft. Probably doesn't help drinking real ale homebrew and being half-cut pre-draft!

* A Quote from the GM (under artistic license) - "Beer? Did somebody mention beer? Oh the season - was going great but went a bit David Moyes in the play-offs, ah well. Roll on July 12th, let the drinking begin!"
-- Lee (21st June 2014)
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